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Day Student Program

The Monterey Bay Educational Center operates as an educational brokerage house for independent study programs the meets the needs of students from 6th through 12th grade.

Educational Counseling

Monterey Bay Educational Center takes a balanced approach to education and well being. MBEC facilitates open communication between parents, students, and teachers to promote academic success.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is designed to assist the student in the program that they are already enrolled.

Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocates represent families in obtaining accommodations that will support the student in participating in and benefiting from all educational programs and activities.

Test Proctoring

The Monterey Bay Educational Center provides proctors for students that are currently attending educational entities that require outside proctoring services.

Test Preparation

The Monterey Bay Educational Center matches the student with a qualified independent instructor for one-on-one support session(s) to prepare for the ACT® and SAT®.

Educational Testing

Educational Diagnostic Testing can determine your child’s educational needs or learning styles. These assessments provide the information you need to properly advocate for your child.

Memory Training

CogMed is a working memory training program that helps to improve children, adolescents, and adults working memory. This program offers training that is delivered under the supervision of a qualified CogMed Coach.

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